About me

Hi guys,

I am Emma from NY, yeap the big apple 🙂 I like to think I am a kind of free spirit that does not belong to any predefined categories.

What I am today won’t be what I will be tomorrow… Our experiences do shape us and I certainly like that idea of constant change.. yeah ok I am being a bit philosophical hihi.

I like to travel and discover new stuff everyday, so yeah this will be my blog ( weird name for a blog but yeah it just popped up in my mind one night….)

This blog will be a kind of diary where I may talk about food, friends, travel, cosmetics, beauty, anything that I might find worthwhile to share… even the most trivial detail like what I ate for breakfast ( don’t worry, I won’t describe my daily routine in the toilet…)

I certainly won’t write to please people, or write any stuff that might hurt anyone.

To be blunt, I won’t.

I am a rebellious spirit, I guess it is due to my strict education (you know the kind with uniforms and rules that make your life so constrained that it fuels even more your desire to be free… )

so my dear reader, you know my rules ( oh my, have I just set some rules? ??? maybe freedom requires some rules after all 🙂

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