Why I Prefer Kendall and Kylie Jenner over Kim Kardashian

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Where do I even begin to explain the various reasons why I definitely prefer the young Jenner sisters over their big sister Kim Kardashian?

Sure, Kim K has been the it-girl ever since we all can remember but since her sisters stepped into the limelight, (they even have now their own top shop collection, as you can see from this article from one of my favorite mag, chaos mag), there have been a few changes. So with that said, maybe we can begin with the first reason why I prefer Kendall and Kylie over Kim:

Reason #1: Kylie Jenner’s Lips

Who can ever forget the infamous Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge trend where everybody attempted to recreate plump, luscious lips overnight using makeup techniques and other weird methods? That was something for the books because everyone was doing it. It was this trend that launched Kylie’s popularity, in a way, and it also opened up a lot of opportunities for her, in my opinion: everybody was curious about what lip products she used, who her makeup artist is and so on.

Reason #2: Kendall is Gorgeous

It’s sufficient to say that all the Kardashian and Jenner girls are beautiful in their own way but I’ve always found Kendall’s look to be more sophisticated. It could probably be the eyes or the shape of her face and lips but, whatever it is, she looks breath taking – with or without makeup, on or off the runway.

Reason #3: Fresh Style

I remember this one episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Kylie was talking to Kourtney about how she felt like Kim was copying her fashion style. Kim, of course, has always had her own fashion moments and it’s an undeniable fact that most of her outfit choices are unique and trendy (some landing her on best dressed lists) but as soon as I heard this from Kylie, it made me think twice about Kim’s fashion sense.

Kylie and Kendall, on the other hand, make it look effortless as seen on different paparazzi pictures. It’s evident that they have a fresher point of view on fashion and style when compared to older sis Kim, wouldn’t you agree?

Reason #4: Insta-Wars!

There was this mini episode of TMZ on Youtube where they talked about Instagram wars between Kylie or Kendall and Kim. Maybe it was just Kylie but none-the-less, they noticed that every time Kylie would post a selfie of her in a bathing suit, for example, Kim would copy it in a similar way. The picture may not be exactly the same but it’s similar enough to be noticed by the public.

With that said, I always prefer checking out Kylie’s or Kendall’s Instagram instead of Kim’s. It’s a matter of personal preference but the Jenner girls’ Instagrams are more interesting, if you asked me.

Reason #5: Kendall is Incognito with Attention

In my opinion, the only Kardashian who doesn’t really ask for attention from the media is Kourtney so it’s safe to say that the rest of her sisters are the opposite to some degree. This is not necessarily a bad thing but when it becomes too obvious, attention-getting becomes really annoying. Kim, for example, does it really obvious which makes people think that she always wants to be in the limelight. It gets old. Kendall, however, does it with grace and class.

For example, there was a recent photo of her (Kendall) wearing a shirt that was too revealing in the front. Whenever the wind would hit her, the pieces that covered her chest would flap around exposing…you know what. Since she’s a model so she’s probably used to it but it made the public think that she needed to be seen which I and TMZ thought was brilliant because you need to do these kinds of things if you want to still be the it-girl of Hollywood.

How Kendall did it, however, was more incognito compared to you know who. It may just be me who’s thinking this but she still looked classy and nonchalant while wearing the shirt in public.

Reason #6: Dubsmash-ing it!

Dubsmash recently became a thing. It’s a fun app to have on your phone and Kylie seems to think the same. She has a couple of Dubsmash videos which made her all the more popular. Personally, I love watching her videos because it shows me a whole other side of her personality.

Reason #7: Magazine after Magazine

Kendall and Kylie have been featured in a number of magazines since they became the new it-girls. Kim has done the same but what I love about it is that most of these magazines or brands who featured the Jenner sisters are more on the high fashion category – Balmain, Channel and so on.

Who do you prefer?

My reasons are my own but we might have a few in common, don’t you think? If not, who do you really prefer and why? We’d love to hear from you so don’t be shy to leave your comments below.

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