Beauty in the Imperfection

I have my headphones plugged in my ears and I am daydreaming about God only knows what.

Suddenly a slow, retarded smile forms on my lips and I start smiling like a fool. I seriously don’t need other people to stare at me incredulously to think that I am insane.

I realize myself when this hysterical episode ends. The oddness of life surprises me at times.

Still it’s a happy sort of oddness because whatever reason caused that laughter, lingers on in the guise of a loony smile for some time to follow. Life suddenly starts to feel beautiful and interesting.

The summers test your patience really, to the absolute extreme, Anyhow a peculiar thing happens as a result of extreme weather I would like to believe. It so happens when you are unable to function because the heat has melted your brain; and inevitably, you start slapping yourself. An odd reaction I must say and one does not help in bringing down the temperature anyway. Yet, you keep at it, slapping yourself randomly on your arms and lamenting it’s too hot.

This case of slapping yourself is also seen you are unable to keep yourself from falling asleep in the middle of an extremely boring lecture. A couple of slaps might just rouse you or maybe not.

Here, now comes my favorite type of oddness, need I call it craziness. Picture this. You wash your hands in college and surprisingly there is a soap. So now you have to open the door to get out the cafeteria and what do you do?

You can obviously not use your hands because you only just washed them and there are all sorts of ugly stains on the glass door anyway. So you do what any sane person would do, you use your foot to push the door open and let yourself out. And you feel so great at having accomplished that without getting your hands dirty. But then you become so obsessed with that you never use your hands to operate any object that could have been touched by another living soul. What you do is you use tissues or newspapers even better just shove the thing out of your way with your foot.

How convenient, no? You shall always remain impeccably clean.

I believe imperfection is beauty.

Flaws, oddness and weird things attract me.

They are there to make life interesting. I would get really bored it everything is perfect. Wouldn’t you? It gets interesting at times to stare a lizard in the washroom right into its tiny eyes. You are thinking that this hideous creature is going to fall right in you. At one point you can almost see it snickering at you. And you are not even going to stand snickering from a rubbery old thing! Already it’s looking down upon you. What an audacity!

At this point, this is becoming utter gibberish. However these episodes of imperfection and oddness just don’t end here. It is an ever-evolving process of growth and development that even our sociologists do not know how to deal with. You may laugh here but I know you agree that imperfection makes life beautiful and interesting! Starting with you, just be you…..


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