Is Kim Kardashian the Most Influential Beauty Trendsetter?

I know I’m not the only one who turns to the internet when deciding if something like a beauty product or clothing line is trendy or not. Some people look at reviews, but most people look at celebrities. They want to wear what the celebs are wearing. After all, celebrities would wear only the most trendy and fashionable clothes, right? One of the most influential women on the internet is Kim Kardashian, but is she really the most influential beauty trendsetter?

In a Word; Yes

If you’ve ever doubted the influential power of Kim Kardashian then just ask Time Magazine. Time ranked her among the top 30 on their list of the Most Influential People on the internet for the second year in a row in 2016. She earned the accolade for a little more than her fashion sense, but there’s no denying the woman has style and that she’s influencing other women to make it their own.

Kim could pay it safe with her style, but she chooses to wear whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and damn the consequences. She spreads this message to the near 64 million followers she has, encouraging them to follow their own trends and wear what makes them happy. If people see Kim wearing something, then they know it’s something that is trendy and unique, although maybe not all of them will be as daring as Kim is.

Kardashian Beauty Products

As well as showing people what beauty products they should be wearing, she has her own line of cosmetic products. Khroma Beauty was a joint effort with her sisters, so if there is someone else who could take on the mantle of being the most influential person in beauty, it would be the Kardashian clan as a whole.

The Kim Kardashian Jacket

Kim proved that it’s not just her husband Kanye that is filled with self-confidence and self-love. She actually wore a jacket that was plastered in pictures of her own face. Is there anything bolder than wearing your own face on a jacket like that? I don’t think so.

Ever-Changing Hair

Every time we see Kim Kardashian it looks like she has a new hairstyle. There was even a time in 2016 where she made the dramatic jump to blonde hair and shocked the world. Her hair has been up, parted, short, long, and just about everything in-between. Women all over the world are keen to jump on the next Kardashian haircut and get her look.


As well as being one of the most influential people in beauty, Kim is almost a metaphor for the beauty and fashion industry itself; her look is always changing. She keeps up to date with all the latest trends, or starts them all herself. If there was any competition for who the most influential person is in beauty, then it would be either her sisters or her personal make-up artist; who has to have some credit for coming up with the look Kardashian is sporting on any given day.


image source: Par David Shankbone — David Shankbone, CC BY 3.0,

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