I want to go to France

effeil tower
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I love South Korea  and I had the privilege to visit this great and fun country but there a country I would also love to go to : FRANCE.

And not just Paris, France, but everywhere in France!

The countryside is especially beautiful this time of year and every time of year! France is just such a magical, romantic place that would be any lucky lady’s dream to explore.

First of all, I am in love with the culture.

It’s just so beautiful how well the French engage with each other. Even when they speak, it’s as if they’re speaking in a pure embodiment of love. Why is that? Why is France so enamoring? You know what? I don’t care! I just have to go!

My wine and cheese are almost always exclusively French.

Whenever I go shopping, I intentionally pick out items that are from France because I want to feel like I’m there in some way, shape or form.

And since plane tickets are expensive right now, I have to settle for a fine glass of Pinot Noir and hope that someday I’ll get the chance to fly there.

A boyfriend or girlfriend is optional. I could do this on my own.

I know almost everything there is to know about France.

I can pick the flag out of a lineup of flags. I can do a blind taste test of which goat cheese was hand selected from the Northern regions of France’s lush farm fields. (ok I may be exagerrating a little lol. OK a lot….).

I can even imitate the accent, although I admit I’m not the best when it comes to their language. I’m working on it though. It’s kind of tough to learn a language outside of school.

Maybe I should have taken French in high school. But they didn’t offer it. I could have transferred to another school. But I had so many friends. Nevermind them. It’s too late now anyway.

Back to the point! Paris is the fashion capitol of the world.

Some people believe it’s New York or LA, but I say phooey on that! Have you ever seen pics of Fashion Week in Paris? It’s phenomenal. I would love to go there. I would love to maybe even volunteer there, and work for some of the models.

That’s right, that’s how much I love it: I’d work for free! just for the sake of breathing the same air.. ( what??? I proabbly drank too much red bull lol)

I love the way that all of the French people you see walking the streets look like they just stepped out of a catalogue.

Of course, I’ve only ever seen French people in catalogues, but I assume them to be authentic representations of a world I’ll never know soon!

Maybe I’m just being dramatic.

Maybe I’m romanticizing the city of love. (That is certainly the best place to say I LOVE YOU , the love in the air would make it so easy )

There’s just something about it that pulls me in.

I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Maybe it’s the music? I do love the Amélie soundtrack… But it must be more than that.

It’s not really a bunch of big times for me. Music, clothes, wine. That stuff is anywhere, really. It’s all about the little things that come together and draw a much better picture.

One that I can’t quite see, because I haven’t visited yet, but that I can see the outline is enough to keep me excited.

And I will have to save hard to go there 🙂

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