Why Driving makes us angry

angry when drivingI have to admit that I get angry whenever I drive.

Well, I shouldn’t say “whenever,” it really does take very particular moments to drive me to the edge.

I know that when I need to think or get out of my house for a little bit, taking a quiet drive in the country is so relaxing and resets my mood.

But when I’m on the highway, it’s completely different and a whole different me.

So it other words, it’s the other drivers that get under my skin. And I wouldn’t say that I’m an aggressive driver when I’m angry.

I don’t tend to pull out in front of people, or honk my horn, or slam on my breaks.

There are people who do that, and I witness it all the time on the road, and they just need therapy I think, but I do get very angry.

I yell, I curse, I slam the steering wheel with my fists, and I clinch my gear shift as if I wanted to rip it right out. I don’t know what it is about these people that turn me into this person.

We tend to get impatient, don’t we? We feel that if someone has cut us off on the highway, we’ve just lost an hour of arriving to our destination. And we do wish we were on holiday in a country very far away like South Korea

When in reality, it’s not like that.

It couldn’t be that simple. If someone driving slow on the interstate slows us down, it doesn’t slow us down much. It can’t kill more than say, 5 minutes. And at the end of the day, what’s five minutes? So I won’t get to browse Facebook? I don’t know.

What I know is it isn’t worth getting mad over.

And I can say that to you know, because I’m not in the car, much less am I in traffic.

It’s pretty simple to get along with everyone when I’m not behind the wheel or being slowed down by inconsiderate drivers.

But then there’s the question: Are they inconsiderate?

Does a driver pull out in front of me intentionally because he wants to be a complete jerk?

As a sane and currently non-driving person, I’d like to think people are that malicious. I think we’re all just on the road, minding our own business, and trying to get to our own destination.

Come to think about it, I wonder how many people I’ve cut off without realizing it.

I think one of the reasons that road rage is so common is because high-traffic situations are what stressful moments are made of.

We’re stressed, plain and simple. It’s our lives on the line, if one stupid person steps out of line and causes an accident. So the only reason we even step out into the road for our routine commute is that we’re assuming our safety is a sure thing.

When some driver appears to do something crazy, your senses go off and it’s like a trigger.

You can’t help but snap. That’s your first reaction. It’s enough to drive you crazy, but hey, what can you do?

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