Don’t let acne bother you

skin-cleansing-deviceSorry for not writing regurlarly but I am a bit busy with a new job, so I don’t have much time writing thses days.

Yet, I felt like writing about acne as I saw some nice articles from a few beauty blogs and a few of you requested a few tips to help with acne. so here we are, we  l know that waking up to a bright red pimple in the middle of your forehead isn’t exactly an ideal morning for anyone.

Acne products flood the shelves of supermarkets and retail outlets, all promising to wipe out blackheads and bulging zits. It gets a bit tiring having to keep track of all of the products in your skin care cabinet. If you want to get rid of the fuss, try using these all-natural methods to prevent acne and tone down stubborn breakouts.

Wash Your Face Regularly

Nothing is worse for your skin than failing to clean it. The whole reason acne exists is because of a buildup of bacteria and dirty in your pores, as well as common irritants like makeup and chemicals. Cleansing your skin both morning and evening will help wash out grimey pores and prevent the spread of bacteria that can cause more acne. It also brushes off dead skin cells that can layer on, blocking pores and making it harder to clean them.

Exfoliate And Moisturize

Exfoliators that remove dead skin cells are recommended for use in conjunction with regular cleansers. You can use actives like salicylic acid in exfoliators; you’ll most likely have plenty of them in your facial cleanser. Try to find products that are non-irritating and offers a line of exfoliators that vary in scrubbing strength. If you need help I recommend you read the awesome guide from to help you choose the best acne treatment depending on your skin type here. After reading it, I understood why I did not like proactiv plus ( they reviewed it here). I agree with them when they say the more we attack our skin, the more it can react. I really love their reviews which are always complete and detailed. If I had acne again, I would probably give zenmed a try. Anyway, one important thing is to  make sure to moisturize after you’re done with your skin care routine to nourish dehydrated skin and soothe irritation. Drink plenty of water to maximize the hydration benefits for your skin, especially in winter and dry weather.

Keep Your Makeup Light

We’d all love to look gorgeous without makeup, but not everyone has the face for au naturel. If you have to use makeup, don’t layer on a bunch of foundation and eyeshadow. Keep it light and natural-looking, and wash it off every evening. Makeup clogs pores and irritates the skin if used too often and in too large of an amount. Your skin needs to breathe to stay healthy, so take some time off from wearing makeup when you can. Your skin will be looking brighter and healthier the less you wear it.

Nourish Your Skin

If you are what you eat, then eating greasy, unhealthy foods will make you a zit-infested mess. What you put into your body matters. Eating foods high in sugar, fat and sodium can cause acne to appear en mass. Try a diet high in delicious fruits and vegetables, especially those with Vitamins A and C. Vitamin A helps skin look clearer and brighter, while Vitamin C assists your immune system in fighting bacteria and fungi. If you’re able to go all-natural with organic foods, all the better!

Hands Off!

The most important thing to do is avoid touching your face. The temptation to pick at skin or pop zits is hard to resist, but it does more harm than good. Touching and picking at your face spreads bacteria found in acne, thus causing the spread and proliferation of it. Picked skin can result in scars and can even cause infection in more severe cases. Keep your hands to yourself and off of your face.

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