Why I love writing

computer writingIt’s easy to forget how much work goes into a piece of literature. Sleepy business people get up every morning and read the newspaper without a second thought.

Teenagers scroll through an online magazine or webpage while lazily scanning the pictures of celebrities and models, paying little attention to the text all the while.

Yet, with all the ambivalence displayed by readers, I still find myself oddly satisfied with my hobby. I like to write and hope to be a writer…

Like many people, I get up every morning thinking of nothing but my daily dose of high-powered caffeine known only to me as “Coffee.” I’m a rather sedentary creature without it, and I’ve been known to doze off unexpectedly on mornings when I have to skip this delicious breakfast essential.

Coffee or no, I have to go to work like everyone else.

Trying to explain why I love writing is an almost painful process because it’s such an elusive feeling some days that I find myself struggling to remember why I paid thousands of dollars for this degree.

My writing muse is a wicked wench, one that is demanding of perfection and rigidity.

The playful writer inside me wants nothing more than to scribble random words on a napkin or scrap of paper, but I somewhat willingly drag myself to the computer and begin to type.

It takes several hours, but I end up remembering why I am so addicted to writing.

A light bulb flickers on, and I realize why I love it so much. Much like a member of the family, writing is so ingrained in my heart and mind that I find it difficult to stay mad at it for long. Sure, I might be tired. Maybe I didn’t get much sleep because I had to stay up late sorting blog posts out… but it’s what I live for.

I live for the satisfaction of pumping out a brilliant piece of content that my readers love and praise me for.

A good comment is the heartbeat that pumps blood to my stiffening literary veins, opening up the flow of creativity that I thought was almost gone.

I really hope that I can make a living doing what I love. And I do love it… just not all the time.

Everyone has their doubts about their job, even if it’s one that they’ve dreamed of having. It’s a natural part of settling in to one’s chosen path.

As long as others continue to appreciate my posts, I’m willing to give the pen and paper (or keyboard and word processor) my all to ensure my words have meaning and purpose.

I guess it also what makes me feel different from other people… When I write, I feel different, I feel  I can “show” my voice… Do you remember when I told you about being yourself, this is exactly what it is.

When I write, I feel I am “me”.

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